BSUG May 19th - Weather Normalization and Climate Design Tools

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Weather Normalization and Climate Design Tools

Target Audience:

Engineers, Architects, & Simulationists


Date and Time:

May 19th, 2021 – Noon to 1:00 p.m. MT




Zoom Webinar




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The Integrated Design Lab has developed a set of free tools that can help users to visualize building energy usage and normalize performance based on weather patterns. This makes it easy to spot anomalies like a sudden increase in electrical consumption during the winter. This presentation will cover the resources that IDL uses to find, filter, and format both typical and historical weather data for any location. We will cover a variety of free data repositories and technologies available to design professionals. These simple tools can help you track an existing building’s performance or design a new building with an eye to minimizing thermal loads. To view the IDL's design tools please visit:


Damon Woods

Dr. Woods is a licensed mechanical engineer who started working at the IDL as a graduate student back in 2013. His dissertation used energy models paired with weather forecasts to predict how a radiant slab should be managed to maximize occupant comfort. His current research focus is on the integration of surface temperatures into building energy management systems. Dr. Woods has taught courses in advanced thermodynamics and energy modeling. In the office, he spends his time working on energy models and estimating savings from energy upgrades; out of the office he is usually fly fishing or gardening. Dr. Woods earned his B.S. from Montana State University, his M.S. from Boise State University and his Ph.D. from the University of Idaho.