BSUG October 26th - Creating an Efficient Workflow to Design a Day-lit, Glare-Free, Energy Efficient Building

Upcoming BSUG

Creating an Efficient Workflow to Design a Day-lit, Glare-Free, Energy Efficient Building

Target Audience:

Engineers, Architects, & Simulationists


Date and Time:

October 26th, 2022 – Noon to 1:00 p.m. MT




Idaho Water Center - Classroom #150

322 E. Front Street Boise, ID 83702




Parking is available underneath the building or in the adjacent parking garage.

The first hour of parking is free, each subsequent hour is $1.00.




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In this webinar, we will look at typical challenges that prevent the adoption of internal sustainability approaches as well as the business benefits of standardizing a sustainability workflow. We will learn how to use data-driven design to balance sustainability and cost and how platforms like cove.tool are integrating new technologies to help design teams win more projects and stay ahead of the conversation. By the end, attendees will have a new understanding of putting together an analysis checklist and how to reach their performance targets.


Marco Aguirre

Marco Aguirre is the Research Director at cove.tool, and has been with the company since 2018. cove.tool is an Atlanta-based SaaS company developing software to empower the AEC industry to achieve energy targets, reduce construction costs, and make data-driven decisions to fight climate change and democratize building performance. The suite of software products is now used by thousands of architects, engineers, contractors, and developers in 22 countries around the world, taught at top universities, and in 2021 helped save 1.2 million metric tonnes of operational carbon emissions. In 2021, his team was awarded the R+D award from Architects Magazine for their industry-changing design approach and product. As Director, he coordinates the development of all new features and creates articles and videos on various topics such as sustainability, building performance, new technologies, and best modeling practices.