LM-83 Three-phase Daylight Simulation Script

Annual simulation of dynamic/complex fenestration systems under LM-83 guidelines. This script will generate its own folder structure beyond the starting directories required, which are outlined below. It is a BASH script and has been developed and tested on the UNIX platform exclusively.

Version 1.0 April 23, 2013

Author: Alen Mahic, Ery Djunaedy (Integrated Design Lab University of Idaho) Copylefted (c) under GPL v.3

In plain English: you are free to use this script, distribute it, make changes to it, as long as (1) you acknowledge Alen Mahic, Ery Djunaedy and the Integrated Design Lab as the original authors, and (2) you acknowledge that the script is provided as-is with absolutely no warranty, and that the authors and the University of Idaho are not liable to anything that happens or does not happen in relation to the use of this script.

Radiance 4.2.a is required. (February 19th, 2013 NREL package)

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Apr 23, 2013