Portable Liquid Flowmeter

Flow rate of fluids

The PT878 measures the flow rate of acoustically conductive single-phase fluids. This includes most clean liquids, sewage, some slurries, some oil/water mixtures, and liquids with a small percentage of entrained gas bubbles. The flowmeter provides one linear (0/4-20 mA) analog output of flow velocities or volumetric flow rate of these fluids, measuring velocities from ±0.03 to ±12 m/sec (±0.1 to ±40 ft/sec), along with one selectable frequency output or pulsed totalizer output.
The PT878 also provides two 4 to 20-mA analog inputs in order to connect temperature transmitters to measure energy flow rate of liquids. Energy flow rate may be calculated for water, glycol, and water/glycol mixtures.