Sustainable Design & Practice Benefits

Sponsored by the Idaho Power Company, the University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab (UI-IDL) developed this series of infographics to communicate Sustainable Design & Practice Benefits of five different building types for there bottom line impact of efficiency for each builidng type. Architects and Engineers can also use this information to make early design decisions with compelling numbers for non-energy efficiency. Currently, there are five single-sided 8.5X11" infographics


1. Reduce energy efficiency project decisions focus on utility cost payback

2. Move focus to overall bottom line impacts

3. Avoid design process where changes need to be after analysis can be done - often too late

4. Increased participation in efficiency programs and projects

5. Energy Savings

6. Community outreach and improved or increased connections by providing valuable resources


Energy and cost savings attributed to efficiency measures are well documented. However, sustainable design and practice could have an impact on your bottom line far beyond reduced utility bills.
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Jun 1, 2017