Flow Meters

Flow meters measure the flow rate of liquids or suspended solids traveling through a pipe by attaching to the outside of the pipe. Often used for water or sewage pipes, flow data allows the user to see the loads and demands on the system, allowing for greater system efficiency opportunities and alerting them to operational and control issues. This category contains portable flow meters for liquids and suspended solids.

FLEXIM Ultra Sonic Flowmeter

Flow Rate of fluids

Portable instrument for non-invasive, quick ultrasonic flow measurement with clamp-on technology for all types of piping. Precise bi-directional and highly dynamic flow measurement with the non-intrusive clamp-on technology
• High precision at fast and slow flow rates, high temperature
and zero point stability
• Portable, easy-to-use flow transmitter with 2 flow channels, multiple inputs/outputs, an integrated data logger with a serial interface
• Water and dust-tight (NEMA 4); resistant against oil, many liquids and dirt

Portable Liquid Flowmeter

Flow rate of fluids

The PT878 measures the flow rate of acoustically conductive single-phase fluids. This includes most clean liquids, sewage, some slurries, some oil/water mixtures, and liquids with a small percentage of entrained gas bubbles. The flowmeter provides one linear (0/4-20 mA) analog output of flow velocities or volumetric flow rate of these fluids, measuring velocities from ±0.03 to ±12 m/sec (±0.1 to ±40 ft/sec), along with one selectable frequency output or pulsed totalizer output.