Existing Building Commissioning



Available September 2024

In this lecture, we embark on an exploration of continuous commissioning in building management, unraveling its profound impact on energy efficiency and sustainable operations. We begin with a clear definition of this integral concept and its underlying processes, ensuring a solid foundational understanding for all participants. Through insightful case studies, successful commissioning initiatives are showcased, providing tangible examples of proactive management strategies that maintain building systems finely tuned over time, cut down on wasted energy, and boost energy efficiency. Beyond its immediate impact on energy efficiency, commissioning proves to be a cornerstone for early issue detection, thereby preventing potential system degradation, enhancing equipment lifespan, and reducing the likelihood of costly breakdowns. This lecture provides valuable insights into the benefits of proactive maintenance strategies.

Learning Objective 1: 
Participants will learn about the commissioning process and its role in fine-tuning building systems, reducing energy waste, and enhancing efficiency.
Learning Objective 2: 
Participants will gain insights through analyzing case studies to understand proactive management strategies for commissioning.
Learning Objective 3: 
Participants will recognize the manifold advantages of commissioning, including its capacity for early issue identification, staving off system deterioration, and prolonging equipment lifespan.
Learning Objective 4: 
Participants will assess the cost-effectiveness of commissioning implementation through long-term case studies.
Learning Units: 
1 LU
Course Status: 

Farnaz Nazari
Research Scientist I
In 2023, Farnaz became part of IDL as a research scientist, contributing her expertise to a variety of projects that bridge different fields. Her background centers on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in architectural design. Additionally, she holds an interest in sustainable building design, energy efficiency, and utilizing machine learning and deep learning in these areas. Currently pursuing a PhD in Construction Science at Texas A&M University, Farnaz holds master’s degrees in Computer Science and Building Physics from Texas A&M University and the University of Tehran, respectively. Her academic path and role at IDL merge to drive innovative research in the realm of technology and sustainable construction.