Idaho Office of Energy and Mineral Resources

The Idaho Governor’s Office of Energy and Mineral Resources (OEMR) is responsible for coordinating energy and mineral planning and policy development in order to promote the efficient use of energy, developing Idaho’s energy and mineral resources, and ensuring the availability of adequate energy and mineral supplies to sustain the State’s economy and quality of life for our citizens.
The OEMR is facilitating discussions to provide the state with achievable and effective options for improving its energy future through the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance (ISEA). The ISEA is utilizing its network of experts by providing accurate and unbiased energy information and analysis to the public and elected officials.
The OEMR is committed to providing stakeholders and the public with information regarding energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources, which are key elements in the 2012 Idaho Energy Plan. These efforts will supplement Idaho’s baseload power sources, which provide the constant level of electricity needed to maintain the electrical grid and supply a minimum level of power to Idaho’s customers.


Rural Energy Audit of commercial buildings

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