BSUG 2.0

Building Simulation Users Group

The Building Simulation Users Group (BSUG) was created in 2009 to help to start a community centered around architecture and engineering-focused building simulation. Three years, later, BSUG secured funding for another three years from the Idaho Power Company, whom also provided funding for the 1st three years. Dubbed "BSUG 2.0" the second cycle of the group made some tweaks to its mission and aspired to provide more value to its members than just a static lecture series. Users groups are in unique positions to generate content that draws upon the diverse expertise of its members and guest lectures. This content has the potential to help support and add value to the established simulation community. The goals of BSUG 2.0 include:

    Continue to procure a lecture series from internal speakers, local experts, and regional/national/international
    Create a website to house newly archived sessions and serve as a gateway of knowledge concerning building simulation
    Create a living document that outlines the simulation protocols used by the UI-IDL on projects
    Conduct market assessments of the market penetration of building simulation in the local market

BSUG 2023

There are six lectures given each year. Lectures are split up to be presented in the first half of the year and the end of the year. Topics include energy modeling software, integrating building performance in the design process, and workflow/methods for an integrated design process. Door prizes are given away each lecture. Prizes focus on energy efficiency or related lecture topics.

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All BSUG session are streamed live and then uploaded to our YouTube channel. To view past lecture please click here.

2023 Calendar

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2023 Schedule

The schedule will be updated as details become available and is subject to change at any time. We are considering the following topics this year: Measures for Quality Control, Warehouses - Efficient Design & Practices, Lady Bug Pollination Tool, Benchmarking Buildings Examples, CEBECS 2018, Standard Assumption Inputs, and Better Bricks Software.

March 29th 2023 - Semhub's Energy Management Tool & Resources by NEEA


During this session, program managers for NEEA’s BetterBricks and Strategic Energy Management (SEM) programs will provide insight into the commercial building case studies, white papers, and other resources available on The session will also include an overview and live demonstration of the alliance’s Energy Management Assessment tool and insight into upcoming plans for its use in the market.

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April 26th 2023 - Eliminating the two-week turn around by using Pollination by Mostapha Roudsair


Has the quality of your project ever suffered because you didn’t have the right information at the time you had to make a decision? Have you ever had an energy modeling consultant send you a report two weeks after you gave them design documents and all you can say is “great but the design is completely different now?”. Have you been that consultant? If so, you are not alone and you’re just experiencing an issue that persistently plagues today’s building industry.

In this presentation, Mostapha will examine the root causes of the “two-week turnaround” problem starting from the biggest reasons why environmental building performance modeling takes so long and moving down the list of challenges that make collaboration over building simulation difficult. He will show how workflows with the Pollination CAD plugins and cloud platform can mitigate these challenges and ultimately eliminate the two-week turnaround altogether.

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May 24th 2023 - High Performance Warehouse Design by SSOE Group (HSW)


This 1-hour presentation provides a brief overview of a LEED Platinum Net-Zero Energy Warehouse designed for the National Institute of Health in North Carolina and certified (v2009) in October 2018. Using current analysis and simulation tools, David will look to validate the project’s design decisions to reduce energy use, and Simran will demonstrate how performing a Lifecyle Assessment (LCA) can be used to balance embodied carbon, cost, and performance targets on projects. As a retrospective on a project designed over 5 years ago, David and Simran will summarize whether the analysis suggests design improvements that would be beneficial to implement if designed today.

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August 23rd 2023 - Using the ERL To Benchmark Buildings by Joseph Sedillo


Description coming soon.

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September 2023 - Joint Session with ASHRAE


This lecture will be a panel style discussion on the assumption and standardization of inputs for HVAC load calculations.

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October 25th 2023 - CBECS 2018 by Dylan Agnes


Details Coming Soon!

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