The UI-IDL does not provide comprehensive design services, construction documents, or specifications for project execution. All services and recommendations provided by the UI-IDL require due diligence by a licensed professional of record. It is the intent of the UI-IDL to supplement contracted design activity in private practice and not to compete with billable services provided by professional design teams. Therefore, the scope of services for each project my vary depending on need and availability of services withing the contracted design team. If desired, the UI-IDL will support and educate design teams on relevant practices and services to support market transformation. Below is a selected list of services available from UI-IDL to support the integrated design process.

Integrated Design Services


Pre-Design Climate Analysis
Pre-Design Energy Benchmarking
(Energy) Charrette Facilitation
Criteria Definition (Owner Project Requirements)
Precedents and Case Studies
Occupant Survey and Analysis

Comfort and Energy Criteria Design

Energy Programming
Level 1 Energy Audit
Measurement and Verification of Existing Systems
Daylight and Lighting Criteria Design
Energy Systems Research
Conceptual Energy Systems Design
Passive Systems Analysis
Commissioning Plan Development

Detailed Design

Daylighting Details - Shading and peak load reduction, Glare and visual comfort, Electric Lighting Integration and Control
Energy Analysis - Iterative whole building energy simulation, Thermal comfort analysis (PMV, PPD, etc.), Passive systems integration, Natural ventilation and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), HVAC analysis, Life cycle cost analysis.
Envelope Design - 2D heat flow modeling, Hygrothermal modeling and moisture management, Fenestration design and analysis, Assembly detailing and specification.

Implementation Documents

Consultants coordination and plan review of energy services
ASHRAE appendix G energy model
LEED Daylight and view verification model

Construction Phase

Site Observation and systems commissioning
Life cycle cost targeting
Review change order requests for energy systems

Post Occupancy Phase

System Measurement and verification
Post occupancy comfort survey and analysis
Monthly/Yearly energy bench marking and reporting
Monitoring-based operation and maintenance

The following information copied from the IDL-UI website.