FLIR C2 Portable Thermal Imaging Camera

File Attachments: 
500 sets of images
Thermal Imaging
Sensor Range (Accuracy): 
–10°C to +50°C (14 to 122°F)

The FLIR C2 is a full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera designed for a wide range of building and electrical/mechanical applications. Keep it on you so you’re ready anytime to find hidden hot spots, energy waste, structural defects, plumbing clogs, HVAC issues, and other problems. FLIR C2 makes it more affordable than ever to add the powerful advantage of thermal imaging.
Battery: 3.7 V Rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery
Battery operating time: 2 h
Charging system: Charged inside the camera
Charging Time: 1.5 h
External Power Operation: AC adapter, 90–260 VAC input 5 V output to camera
Power Management: Automatic shut-down