Idaho Power Company Meter Analysis Template

This spreadsheet is designed to handle meter data provided in the Idaho Power format. IPC provides hourly kW data in a table where each row is a day and each column is an hour. This spreadsheet will format that information so it can be more easily graphed or summed. This should help to analyze seasonal behavior and the building's hourly profile. In order to use this spread sheet, copy and past the information you need over the IPC data sheet. Be careful that your data set is formatted the same way it appears in the current IPC data sheet in this workbook. Also be sure to delete the information currently in this workbook's IPC data sheet, so you don't mix the two sets of data. Once you are sure that information in the spreadsheet you receive from the Idaho Power representative is the same as what appears in the IPC data sheet.


  • The graphs are only set up to handle 1 year worth of data.
  • To increase the graph's available data, change settings in the slider bar.
  • Because the calculations take so long, the slider will "stick" while the mouse is hovering over it.
  • In order to move each graph up by one day at a time, carefully click on one of the arrows and move the mouse off of the slider bar.
  • DO NOT edit values in the formula sheet unless you are convinced that you know hat you are doing.