VOC and Temperature Monitor w/ Data Logging, Bapi

Volatile Organic Compounds
Compatible Tools: 
HOBO U12-012 & HOBO Temperature Sensor
Sensor Range (Accuracy): 
0 to 2,000 CO2 PPM equivalent

Humans exhale Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as well as CO2. The BAPI sensor is able to measure these VOCs, therefore it is as good an indicator of space occupancy as a CO2 sensor. The BAPI Sensor is different from other VOC sensors because it has been optimized for Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV). Using a calibration algorithm, the sensor value is converted to an output with a high correlation to a CO2 level. This lets you use ASHRAE’s occupancy-based VRP schedule to ventilate. (More information on this correlated output is available on our website at www.bapihvac.com) The sensor also picks up VOCs from other sources such as building materials, perfumes, colognes and furniture off-gassing. Using this sensor to ventilate is a way of achieving true indoor air quality and not just CO2 dilution.